Dualism EP

by Dualist Inquiry

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Artwork by Amrita Bagchi
Released on Audio Aashram Records 2011


released June 8, 2011



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Dualism Records India

Dualism Records is a New Delhi-based label started and managed by Dualist Inquiry. It aims to serve as a platform for weird indie electronica with a focus on the Indian subcontinent.

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Track Name: Qualia (Spoken word edit feat. Shaa'ir)
Qualia is an unfamiliar term for something that's actually very familiar to all of us. Qualia is the way things seem to us. The experience of happiness, the redness of an apple, the taste of wine, the touch of a loved one. Qualia is a word for how we experience everything around us.

And when I got there after hours of wondering,
I just ran my hands through my hair and said to myself:
"It's beautiful up here"
When you see something like what I saw,
It's like a watching a giant ensemble do its thing,
Only they don't know they're being watched.
It wasn't contrived like a performer going on stage at a certain time,
It wasn't like the creation of a masterpiece from a blueprint.
It wasn't like anything anyone can do with their eyes open.
It was just there. and it was beautiful.

And I finally sat there by myself, holding my head in my hands.
I'd been trying to believe for so long.
It was all the proof that I needed,
There's serious meaning in nothing,
and unlimited joy in everything.
Asking upside down questions, getting inside-out answers,
Finding trails where there are none,
and leaving my own instead.
So I made like a sponge and absorbed away,
Taking photographs with my eyes,
Writing stories in my mind,
But not forgetting to BE there at the same time,
Because you know, memories are like picture postcards,
and experience is actually being there.
So when you look back tomorrow and wish it was today,
You can wish, wish, wish away,
and stare into space, wonder how it felt back then,
and smile, because you remember...